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Anabel Lanterna
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BSc Chemistry, National University of Córdoba, 2007

PhD Chemistry, National University of Córdoba, 2013

Anabel was born in Laguna Larga (Córdoba, Argentina) in 1985. She obtained
her BSc Chemistry degree, cum laude, at Faculty of Chemistry Sciences,
National University of Córdoba (UNC) in 2007. She has worked for six months
as laboratory analyst in the Research and Development of Agrochemical
Laboratory, Genbra Argentina S.A.

In 2008, she was awarded the prestigious Internal PhD fellowship from
CONICET for five years with the project: “New materials using Fischer
Carbene Complexes” under the supervision of Prof. Alejandro Granados. She
did part of her PhD thesis at the University of Johannesburg, South
Africa, under the supervision of Prof. Rui Krause. In 2012, Anabel was
awarded a research fellowship from University of Valencia, Spain, to
work for three month under the supervision of Dr. M. González Béjar. Her
research was focused on the design and the development of biocompatible
nanometric systems. She received her PhD in Chemistry with honours at
Faculty of Chemistry Sciences, UNC in May 2013 with a dissertation
entitled “Synthesis and modification of metal nanoparticles using
poli-functional heterocyclic sulphur compounds”.

Anabel spent a short time as a posdoctoral research student in both Faculty
of Science, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa under Prof. R.
Krause supervision and Faculty of Chemistry Sciences, UNC, Argentina under
Prof. A. Granados supervision; working in the development of new metal
nanoparticle synthesis focusing in the synthesis of new coated magnetic
particles to study their interaction with phospholipids in Langmuir
monolayers model membranes.

Anabel joined to Scaiano’s group in October 2013 and her research is
focused on the heterogenous catalysis using different supported

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