Photochem Research

Group June 2015 Epoxidation of Stilbene using Supported Gold Nanoparticles- Cumyl Peroxyl Radical Activation at the Gold Nanoparticle Surface Javier performing LFP experiments Copper Nanoparticle Heterogeneous Catalytic 'Click&rsquo; Cycloaddition Confirmed by Single-Molecule Spectroscopy Group retreat in May 2014 Cristian with a fibre-coupled LED <p style="text-align:justify;"><span style="font:15px Cambria; ">Impact of dye-protein interaction and silver nanoparticles on rose Bengal photophysical behavior and protein photocrosslinking,</span></p> Insights into the Mechanism of Cumene Peroxidation Using Supported Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Dr. Anabel Lanterna Mechanistic Insights and Kinetic Analysis for the Oxidative Hydroxylation of Arylboronic Acids by Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis- A Metal Free Alternative Silver Nanoparticles in toluene Supported Gold Nanoparticles as Efficient Catalysts in the Solventless Plasmon Mediated Oxidation of sec-Phenethyl and Benzyl Alcohol our URS scholars Can Surface Plasmon Fields Provide a New Way to Photosensitize Organic Photoreactions? Group retreat at Econiche, May 2013 Rapid one-pot propargylamine synthesis Human Serum Albumin as Protecting Agent of Silver Nanoparticles Spencer inserting a sample into &ldquo;The Sun&rdquo;! Group at Econiche, April 2012 Theodor F&ouml;rster award of the German Chemical Society Prof. Marisa Marin Dual-stage Lithography from a Light Driven, Plasmon Assisted Process Silver as an Example of the Applications of Photochemistry to the Synthesis and Uses of Nanomaterials Ultraclean Derivatized Monodisperse Gold Nanoparticles through Laser Drop Ablation Customization of Polymorph Gold Nanostructures Group in August 2011 Design of Xanthone Propionate Photolabile Protecting Group Releasing Acyclovir Kinetics of the Formation of Silver Dimers Light Emitting Diode Irradiation Can Control the Morphology and Optical Properties of Silver  Nanoparticles Room temperature plasmon-mediated high energy chemistry Group at Econiche, November 2009 Tuning plasmon transitions and their applications in organic photochemistry Plasmon-Mediated Catalytic Oxidation Group at Econiche, May 2011 Reduction of Resazurin to Resorufin Catalyzed by Gold Nanoparticles Effect of &gamma;-radiation on green onion DNA integrity