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CO2 switchable nanoparticles: reversible water/organic-phase exchange of gold nanoparticles by gas bubbling

S. Pocoví-Martínez, L. Francés-Soriano, E. Zaballos-García, J. C. Scaiano, María González-Béjar and J. Pérez-Prieto, “CO2 Switchable Nanoparticles: Reversible Water/Organic-Phase Exchange of Gold Nanoparticles by Gas Bubbling”, RSC Advances, 3, 4867-4871 (2013).

CO2 switchable nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles capped with oleylamine can be effectively transferred from an organic solvent to water in the presence of an acetamidine surfactant by CO2 bubbling and then effectively reverted back to the organic phase by N2 bubbling.