Tito teaches courses that relate to photochemistry or nanotechnology. He offers the graduate course Introduction to Photochemistry (CHM8310) and teaches an undergraduate course on Nanostructured Materials (CHM4318), part of the Advanced Materials option offers by Chemistry, at uOttawa.
As a visiting professor he offers master courses in photochemistry. He teaches regularly on Photoactivated Molecules and Nanoparticles as part of the master program Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Valencia in Spain (more info at:

Nanostructured Materials (CHM4318): Synthesis and investigation of functional nanoscale materials (1 to 100 nm) with emphasis on size dependant chemistry and physics. Structure property relationship in clusters, nanoparticles, semiconductors, nanoporous materials. Potential applications in catalysis.

Introduction to Photochemistry (CHM8310): Basic principles of photochemistry including selection rules, energy transfer processes and the properties of excited state reactions. Lasers and their applications to measurements of the dynamics of elementary reactions.