Scaiano Group

Natalia Angeluzzi Cunha

Natalia was born in Jundiaí and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She entered
the University of São Paulo's (USP) Pharmacy and Biochemistry
undergraduate program in 2010, and in 2012 started working on the
synthesis and uses of riboflavin derivatives to study its photocycle in
the presence of others vitamins at Mauricio Baptista's group
( This project was supported by São
Paulo's governmental organization FAPESP.

In 2013 she was accepted into the USP's Academic Merit exchange program to
come to Scaiano's group in Canada. She is currently working with
Emilio Alarcon
to investigate the effect of riboflavin silica
nanoparticles on the bacteria growth control, and also on a project to
investigate the application of phytalocianine silica nanoparticles on
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).

During her free time Natalia plays video games, listens to to heavy metal
music, reads comic books, and used to attend to singing classes. She now
loves Canada.