Scaiano Group

Sara Saez

Sara was born in Valencia, Spain. She  finished her B.Sc. in Chemical
Engineering in July 2011 at the Polytechnical University of Valencia in
Alcoi. From February to June 2011, she did her Bachelor Thesis at the
Polytechnical University of Warsaw in group of  Dr. Tomasz Ciach studying
surface modification in polyurethanes and  hydrogels. In September 2011,
she started the Master Degree in Sustainable Chemistry at ITQ (UPV – CSIC)
and at the same time she started her Master Thesis under the supervision
of Dra M. L. Marin in the group of Prof. M.A. Miranda. This Thesis is
focussed on the use of photophysical techniques to measure the antioxidant ability of different phenolic compounds.