Scaiano Group

Sabrina Simoncelli

Licentiate (MSc) in Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2009.

Sabrina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1986. She got involved with
research early on in her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Science
in the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), working in the group of Dr. Pedro
F. Aramendía, who later became her graduate research supervisor. Her main
projects were oriented to study the chirality change upon
photoisomerization in twisted nematic liquid crystals and to study proton
transfer reactions in supercritical fluids. From January to April 2009,
she participated in the Program for Undergraduate Research Experience at
the University of California, Los Angeles (USA), under the supervision of
Dr. Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay, studying photochemical reaction mechanisms
and kinetics with molecular nanocrystals. In September 2009 she obtained
her Licentiate (MSc) in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires.
Sabrina entered the graduate program in the Department of Inorganic,
Analytical and Physical Chemistry at the UBA in April 2011. Her current
research aims to study the photochemistry and photophysics of dyes linked
to metal nanoparticles, particularly the influence of gold nanoparticles
in the isomerization rate of photochromic systems. She wishes to expand
her knowledge in the interaction of metallic NP with photochemically
active molecules under the current collaboration with Dr. Juan C. Scaiano’s
research group.