Scaiano Group

Jazmin Silvero


Jazmin was born in a little town near the north border of Argentina named Clorinda in 1987. She graduated as a Clinical Biochemist at National University of Cordoba (UNC-Argentina) in 2009. This included a year of work experience at the City Hospital and a thesis on the development of a more sensitive and quick chemoluminiscence method to detect glucose in serum samples. She is currently finishing her PhD in the Faculty of Chemistry, her thesis focused on the synthesis of new photosensitizers and their application in Photodynamic Antibacterial Chemotherapy against antibiotic multiresistant strains. She also teaches physical chemistry courses at the Faculty of Chemistry (UNC), and is currently the director of a project that brings kids from ages of 4 to 18 closer to science by involving them in fun experiments.

She met Tito during a photochemistry course that he gave in Argentina 5 years ago and since then she has visited our lab three times under different fellowships. Here, she works on green oxidation catalysis of alcohols with both aqueous and supported gold nanoparticles. Additionally, she tests the antibacterial potential of silver and gold nanoparticles stabilized with sweeteners as aspartame, sucralose and glucosamine as well as their citotoxicity. When she is not in the lab she enjoys dancing ballet and playing the alto sax.