Scaiano Group

Abeni Wickham

In 2008, I gradated Tufts Undergrad in the degrees of Philosophy and Biomedical Engineering supervised by Nancy Bauer and Prof David Kaplan respectively. In 2009 I finished my MSc in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at University College London under the supervision of Prof. Mohan Edrisinghe. Due to some very fortunate coincidences, I met Prof May Griffith during the clinical trials with the biosynthetic cornea. In January 2010, I moved to Linköping, Sweden to be part of Prof Griffith’s Integrative Regenerative Medicine Center. I am currently in the PhD program with Prof Griffith as my main supervisor and Prof Bo Liedberg as co-supervisor. Our regenerative medicine group focuses on cornea, nerve, and cardiac repair and/or regeneration. My thesis is centered on the promotion of functionalized repair of the myocardium after myocardial infarction. The damaged heart tissue, which forms after a heart attack, decreases heart function and can lead to heart failure even after the operations to open the blocked arteries. We are aiming to develop a scaffold that will serve as architectural support and function in the scarred area of the myocardium. In the effort to functionalize these scaffolds we have honed in on the longstanding collaboration with Prof Juan Scaiano to use their unique techniques to prepare nanoparticles and incorporate them into our materials.