Scaiano Group

Cristian Tirapegui


Cristian completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Faculty of Sciences of University of Santiago, Chile.

In 2011, he obtained his PhD under supervision of Dr. Marcos Caroli and Dr. Carolina Aliaga.

In his thesis, he studied solvatochromic and radical probes derivatives of variable lipophilicity of Reichardt’s betaine, known as ET (30), obtained by alkoxylation of the common 1,4-diphenylpyridinium core. One of the major achievements of this series was the possibility to monitor micellar equilibria as a function of temperature by simple spectrophotometric measurements. The radical probes synthetized were pyridinium salts linked to the 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl group (TEMPO), generating new prefluorescent probes, that were capable of monitoring different radical processes in particular hydrogen transfers.
Presently, Cristian maintain a postdoctoral position from Fondecyt (Chile), working with Dr. Bruce in Biodynamics Laboratory of University of Chile studying photoisomerization
cis-trans process from homo and heteroaromatics systems, being azo benzothiophene derivatives the central line of his research. Cristian collaborates with the Scaiano group developing news methodologies to follow photoinduced process by NMR spectroscopy with photostationary irradiation in situ.