Scaiano Group

Carlos J. Bueno


B.Sc. Chemistry University of Cadiz 2003
Ph.D in Chemistry Polytechnic University of Valencia 2009

Carlos was born in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain) in 1976. In 2003 he got the bachelor degree in chemistry, specialization in physical chemistry in the University of Cadiz. During the last years of his bachelor degree Carlos works as collaborating student in the physical chemistry department under the supervision of professor Daniel Escolar, in the characterization of pigments used in food adulteration. After that he went to Yale University until march of 2005, where he works in the group of Juan Fernandez De la Mora in the study and synthesis of new ionic liquids for use in electrical propulsion of satellites as part of a collaboration with a NASA/Air force project. He moves then to Valencia (Spain) where he got his PhD in chemistry in 2009 in the Polytechnic University of Valencia under the supervision of professors M.A. Miranda and M. C. Jimenez working in the interaction of the NSAID flurbiprofen with proteins by Laser Flash Photolysis. After a brief period as a postdoctoral fellow in the University of La Rioja in the group of Pedro Campos, Carlos joined the group in January 2010 had a postdoctoral fellow working in different fields such as the use of the plasmon band of nanoparticles for catalysis or laser ablation of nanoparticles using laser drop technique.