Scaiano Group

Adela I. Carrillo

Bachelor's degree in Chemical Science, University of Alicante 2005

Master in Nanoscience and Molecular Nanotechnology, University of Alicante 2009

PhD in Chemistry, University of Alicante 2011

Ada was born in Alicante, Spain (1980). In 2005, Ada recieved her BSc in Chemistry from the University of Alicante. After that, she began to work in the Molecular Nanotechlogy Lab, University of Alicante, under the supervision of Prof. Javier Garcia. During this time, she worked in several projects such as the synthesis of silica mesoporous materials with different morphologies, incorporation of active sites in these solids by using metal nanoparticles and metal clusters or by isomorphic substitution. Functionalization and co-condensation have been other techniques that Ada has used in order to add several organic groups into the silica matrix. In addition, Ada has studied the activity of silica materials in different catalytic applications (both under conventional heating and microwave irradiation). She recieved her Msc in Nanoscience in 2009 and two years later her PhD in Chemistry. During her PhD she has collaborated with many research groups including: 'Nanomaterials Group' at the University of Madrid, 'Molecular Materials Group' at the University of Castellon and the 'Organic Chemistry Group' at the University of Cordoba. Since October 2011 Ada is part of our group exploring the development of new silica nanomaterials with ruthenium, gold, rhodium and silver nanoparticles for the catalysis of various organic reactions.