Scaiano Group

Vision 2020 Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipient

Hossein Ismaili


2007–2011 PhD in Chemistry, The University of Western Ontario

2004–2006 MSc in Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology

2000–2004 BSc Honors in Chemistry, Tabriz University

My BSc project was centered on the synthesis and characterization of conductive polymers, leading me to become interested in organic, polymer, and analytical chemistry. I learned more about organic and analytical chemistry during my MSc and my thesis demonstrated the synthesis and characterization of nitrogen- and sulfur-containing heterocyclic bicyclic systems as well as microwave-assisted synthesis of oxygen- containing six-membered heterocycles. In my PhD I could take advantage of my organic/analytical background to design and perform efficient interfacial organic reactions to chemically modify nanomaterials under ambient and high pressure conditions. I also developed UV-Vis-, NMR-, and GS/MS-based analytical techniques to quantify organic reactions performed on nanomaterial surfaces.