Scaiano Group


Spencer Pitre

Daniela Marquez Soto

Chris McTiernan, Ph. D.
Understanding and Characterizing Excited State Electron Transfers in Catalysis and Nanomaterial Synthesis, 2016

Hasitha deAlwis Weerasekera, M.Sc.

Charles-Oneil Crites, Ph.D.
Investigating the Interactions between Free Radicals and Supported Noble
Metal Nanoparticles in Oxidation Reactions, 2016

Mathew Decan, Ph.D.
The Copper(I)‐catalyzed Azide–Alkyne Cycloaddition: A Modular Approach to Synthesis and Single‐Molecule Spectroscopy Investigation into Heterogeneous Catalysis, 2015

Dimitriy Malyshev, M.Sc.
Photochemical Synthesis of Niobium Nanoparticles, 2014

Chiara Fasciani, PhD.
Design of Elemental Nanoparticles and their Application in Catalysis, Lithography and Biochemistry

Kevin Stamplecoskie, Ph.D.
Silver Nanoparticle Controlled Synthesis and Implications in Spectroscopy, Biomedical and Optoelectronics Applications, 2013

Laetitia Rene-Boisneuf, Ph.D
Probing Surface Chemistry at the Nanoscale Level, 2011

Paul Billone, Ph.D.,
Photochemical Strategies for the Synthesis of Advanced Materials, 2011

Vasilisa Filippenko, M.Sc.
Oxygen Uptake Studies of Organic and Inorganic Oxidations, 2010

Matthew Yorke, M.Sc.
Photochemistry of Amido Xanthonate Photocages: Potential Candidates for Polymer-Tethered Photorelease of Drugs, 2010

Andrea Pardoe, M.Sc.
Photochemical Synthesis of Mono and Bimetallic Nanoparticles and Their Use in Catalysis, 2010

Kathy McGilvray, Ph.D.
Photochemical Strategies for the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles, 2010

Jessie Anne Blake, Ph.D.
The Development of a Novel Photolabile Protecting Group Based on Xanthone Acetic Acid Photodecarboxylation for Corneal Drug Delivery, 2010

Mark Perry, M.Sc.
Spectrocopic Investigations of perfluoroarene: Arene Interactions in Solution Involving C6F6 , 2009

Eve Heafey, M.Sc.
Applications of Spectroscopy to the Creation and Study of Nanostructures, 2008

Mathieu Frenette, Ph.D.
Advances in Free Radical Oxidation: Mechanistic Studies, Fluorescent Probe Design and Radically Different Antioxidants, 2008

Kathy Sarah Focsaneanu, Ph.D.
Applications of Physical Organic Chemistry: Two Examples of ‘Weakly-Bound’ Dimers, 2007

Larisa Mikelsons, Ph.D.
Experimental and Computational Studies of the Interactions of Cyanine Dyes with DNA, 2007

Marius Ivan, Ph.D.
Photochemistry Applied in Optical Lithography. Use of Spectroscopic and Imaging Techniques for the Characterization of Chemical Processes in Thin Polymer Films, 2007

Steve Maguire, M.Sc.
Magnetic Field Control of Silver Nanoparticle Formation, 2006

Marie Laferrière, Ph.D.
Applications of Photochemical Techniques to Imaging of Surfaces and Nanoparticles, 2006

Michelle Chretien, Ph.D.
Photochemical, Photophysical and Photobiological Studies of Zeolite Guest-Host Complexes, 2005

Anne Vinette, M.Sc.
Investigations of DNA Damage in Living Cells: Application of the Comet Assay and the Development of a Novel Time-Resolved Fluorescence Measurement Technique, 2003

Gonzalo Cosa, Ph.D.
Study on the Mechanism of Photodegradation of Pharmaceutical Products and Analogues, and Development of a Novel Fluorescence Technique for DNA-damage Detection, 2003

Luca Maretti, M.Sc.
Fluorescence Detection of Carbon-Centered Radicals in Different Systems, 2002

Tanya Hancock-Chen, Ph.D.
Biologically Relevant Free Radical Reactions, 2000

Christopher Coenjarts, Ph.D.
Photoacid Generation and Acid Mobility: Mechanistic Studies Relevant to Photolithography, 2000

Sonia Corrent, Ph.D.
Modifying the Photobehaviour of Guest Molecules by Inclusion within Zeolites, 2000

William Skene, Ph.D.
Investigation of Nitroxide Mediated Thermal and Photochemical Reactions of Living Free Radical Polymerization, 2000

Susannah M. Shaw, M.Sc.
Radical Generation andBehaviour in Cyclodextrin Solutions, 2000

Dean Weldon, Ph.D.
The Detection and Fate of Bromine Atoms and β-Bromo Radicals Generated Via the Photochemical Debromination of Vicinal dibromides in Acetonitrile, 1998

Susan Virdee, M.Sc.
The Use of Acid Sensitive Dyes to Monitor Acid Generation and Diffusion in Thin Polymer Films, 1998

Nadereh Mohtat, Ph.D.
Study of Magnetic Field Effects on Radical Reactions and of the Mobility of Transients in Microheterogeneous Systems, 1998

Alain Berenstain, Ph.D.
Development of Laser Techniques for Applications in Biomolecules and Cellular Systems, 1997

Jocelyn Renaud, M.Sc.
Mechanistic Studies of Chain Reactions Involving Bromo Compounds, 1997

Klára Kónya , Ph.D.
Study of Mono- and Multiphoton Processes on Pulp and in Model Systems, 1997

Mary Catherine King, M.Sc.
The Antioxidant and Photophysial Propeties of Melatonin: A Radical Perspective, 1997

Ronald Boch, Ph.D.
Development of Triplet Excited State Probes for Organized Media, 1995

Jeff Banks, Ph.D.
Multiple Photon Reactions of Organic Molecules in Solution, 1994

Peter F. McGarry, Ph.D.
Radical and Radical-Like Reactions of [1.1.1]Propellane, 1992

Christopher Evans, Ph.D.
Triplet Derived Radical Pairs in Micelles: Decay Kinetics and Magnetic Field Effects, 1989