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Greg Hodgson
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B. Sc. Honours in Chemistry, Trent University 2013. Greg was born in Whitby, ON in 1986. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at Trent University under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Thompson and Prof. Andrew Vreugdenhil, with a thesis on the use of silver nanoparticles and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to develop a sensing device for the detection of aqueous environmental contaminants. Greg joined the Scaiano group in June 2013. His research is focused on the development of nanomaterials for heterogeneous catalytic and photocatalytic systems, incorporating single molecule fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy into the design process. Techniques such as Total Internal Reflectance Fluorescence Microscopy, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy can provide a valuable link to bench scale observations and can provide insights into the mechanism and mode(s) of catalysis at work. Current examples of Greg’s research include the synthesis and application of supported and unsupported samarium oxide, palladium and nickel nanoparticles. These materials may prove useful as heterogeneous catalysts for the production of biofuels, fluorescent dyes and valuable organic feedstock molecules.

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